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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  November 6, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PST

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and i'm phil matier. this weekend.....chaos on the campaign trail. "nats of agents rushing in." a scare during a donald trump rally.... as hillary clinton continues to take a star studded approach to rallying voters.... all this in the final hours of the race to the finish line. plus.. you've seen the ads.. these 2 men have been battling it out.. to represent silicon valley. this morning: congressman mike honda and challenger ro khanna are both in-studio to make their final pitch to voters. and those aren't the only high stakes this tuesday. the big name backer showing support to legalizing recreational marijuana in the golden state. this as governor jerry brown is sent a high profile warning. but first let's start with our forecast.
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phil, back to you. with just over one day left until . there's a little drizzle out there. most of us will see drizzle as you head out the door. we also have a high surf advisory. here's what it looked like yesterday. you can see we did have big waves. high surf advisory ends at 9:00 a.m. this morning. back to the rain or lack thereof. you can see doppler not showing much activity because this drizzle, lower levels. its below our radar beams. you can see we do keep the clouds around. a little drizzle possible throughout the day here. you can see drizzle possible near hayward. i think we'll keep cloudy conditions
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around and then before we see more sunshine heading into if work week -- the work week, temperatures this week in the upper 50s, low 60s. >> thanks. with just over one day left until voters head to the polls, donald trump returns to the campaign trail today despite a scare in reno, nevada. >> someone yelled gun while a protester approached the stage. the man was taken into custody and escorted out of the building but no weapon was found the protester was released. trump thanked the secret service. >> amazing, thank you fellas. i saw what you were doing. that's a tough group of people right here, thank you. reporter: today, trump is expected to campaign in several states
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including minnesota, michigan and pennsylvania. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is also starting her final sprint. between today and tomorrow, she'll make five stops in five states. but president obama is also on the trail and he's added an extra campaign stop in michigan on monday. that's a vital state. it's geared toward getting young voters to the polls. the president is also campaigning in florida. last night, katy perry joined clinton. >> to make sure that america lives up to its promise to every one of our people, especially every one of our children. reporter: meanwhile, as clinton makes her push, wikileaks is out with another batch of hacked emails from john podesta.
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in one email, an aide writes that some clinton foundation donors quote may have had bad intentions. >> a new survey shows a razor thin margin between trump and clinton. >> right now, senator bernie sanders, a former candidate is back in the golden state. this time, making a pitch for the final push for proposition 61. sanders says the measure would help end price gouging by big pharma. >> mr. president, i rise to discuss one of the major crisis facing our health care system today and that is that the pharmaceutical industry itself has become a major health hazard. reporter: today in los angeles, sanders will be speaking at a screening for this documentary which is called your money or your life.
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it's in support of the proprop 61 campaign. if passed, it would require the state to negotiate drug prices. opponents say an independent analysis con include this measure could -- concluded this measure could cost taxpayers more. a [inaudible] on california's ballot is in a statistical dead heat. than city pelosi says she plans to vote yes on prop 64 which will legalize medical marijuana but when i interviewed her, she was not ready to elaborate why. >> can you tell me why you're going to vote yes? >> because i am. i'm not an official
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spokesperson for it. >> she says she's quote focused on other racesment she has endorsed a ballot measure to revoke the dealt penalty. >> this comes after -- death penalty. >> this comes after several law enforcement leaders send a letter to ask the governor to over turn recreational marijuana [inaudible] brown, however hasn't taken position on the measure and it's not clear if he will before tuesday's elections. today, san francisco mayor will hit the streets urging people to head to the polls. right now, many people in the bay area are
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taking advantage of early voting. a half dozen locations are open for voting. >> those votes are already being counted. this is a live look inside san francisco's department where workers will be busy tabulating those ballots. >> still ahead, election count down coverage continues with both candidates from one of the most heated races. the two will be in the studio live this morning. >> first, more top stories. >> [inaudible] her mother has no custodial rights for the girl. >> police say a teenager found dead on the campus was stabbed multiple times. detectives
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believe his killing was not a random act but they have not made any arrests yet. the student left his home and never returned. >> new video from the chp shows a dramatic rescue of a couple and a dog from the side of a cliff. they got stuck going after the dog who tumbled about 80 feet. a firefighter had to rappel down the cliff to help them to the helicopter. everyone is okay. >> the show down in silicon valley is almost over but there's still some punches left. the congressional race has been one of the most watched in this election. after the break, we go one-on-one. >> and does this election season have you stressed out? why you're not the only one with voting anxiety. now to one of the bay area's tightest races:
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california's 17th congressional ,,
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district. honda and anna. >> ro. >> now to one of the bay area's tightest races. california's 17th district, congressman mike honda and challenger ro khanna are competing for the seat. the race has become the state's most expensive competitive contest. figures show $5.7 million has been spent. the rematch has become a political slug fest with candidates both launching attack ads. >> around too long, his record an embarrassment. in 15 years, mike honda passed only one bill. >> some politicians are bought and paid for before ever stepping foot in office. just look at ro khanna. reporter: heading into tuesday's election, our most recent survey showed khanna has a razor thin lead over
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honda but about a quarter of voters are still undecided. >> and this morning, both candidates are making their final pitches here. first, ro khanna joins us. you saw that ad of you getting into that, looked like a lobbiest pimp mobile and taking money from special interests, what's your reaction? >> my reaction is it's outrageous. i grew up in a middle class family, took out loans for school and i'm still paying them off. it's just a gross misrepresentation. what i do have is the support of a lot of tech leaders and innovators and mike honda's campaign classifies those folks as special interest money. >> that is special interest money, i mean, whether it's that or labor or any specific group that is still trying to get an agenda done in washington or
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sacramento is a special interest. you are seen as the tech candidate. >> i think two things. i have a lot of labor support too. the nurses staff dual endorsed us, it's not that i'm just the tech candidate. the second distinction is i take no money from any corporation, no money from google or facebook. i'm one of seven federal candidates to reject pac money to reject lobbyist money and it's verify you believe online. >> what's the difference between a honda congressman and a khanna congressman on policy. >> leadership and boldness. i have embraced the plan to make college tuition free and then pay it back as a percent of your income. i have said that automation is
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going to really hurt our jobs and people's jobs are being automated. we need to figure out the right type of career technical education. we may have some of the same values but honda has not been leading the bold economic progressive policies that we need for the 21st century. reporter: so nine out of ten votes, you're going vote the same way? >> we probably would vote the same on nine out of ten. not ten out of ten. i didn't agree with no child left behind. he voted for it, i on posed it. there will -- opposed it. that's not all there is to being a congressman. a congress person should lead and i have come out with new, bold concrete proposals. >> they should lead but they're there to serve the constituents and what you're say as good that mike honda should be fired and you should be hired in his place,
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why? >> two reasons. he's no longer doing town halls. he hasn't had one in three years and i've had hundreds. i stood up for did soccer park over the 49ers. i took up against the landfill expansion. i stood up against the pollution so there are a lot of issues that he neglected. the last few years, he has not been looking out for the interest of people in this community. >> speak of looking out for interest, this is your second congressional run. you considered running in another district. what do you say to people who say ro khanna is running for ro khanna and this is about ro khanna getting into congress. >> i don't think voters would have gotten us into the primary if that it was case. this is a smart district. yes, the boundaries changed and at one point, the place i was living invest the northern
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district and it ended up going in the southern district in 2012. i've been running last psych portland this cycle from -- cycle and this cycle from where my wife and i live. >> why do you do ads like that against slamming honda being old and out of touch? you make him look like he's half asleep. >> he has slept on the floor and that's a fact. he is under an investigation that he broke laws. i respect his service but that's a fair issue. >> it looks like everything else is as well. thank you for joining us. this campaign is heating up. hopefully, outside it's cooler now. can you give us a forecast. >> yes, that was a fantastic transition, phil. high def doppler showing a lot of dense fog out there and drizzle down at ground level.
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you may still need windshield wipers. this is the golden gait gate bridge if you couldn't tell. temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning. we are seeing reduced visibility, especially along the coast. at the coast, look at, this only 3-10ths of a mile here. i would anticipate delays if you have early flights this morning. again, these are at the reporting stations. we could see very dense fog, patches of dense fog with even less visibility elsewhere. here's the weather story from the satellite perspective. we are starting off with clouds and drizzle. today, the weather headlines, partly cloudy with morning drizzle. a little fog out there as well. sunshine though through mid- week. through the end of the week, we will see temperatures increasing. next chance of showers isn't until the end of your work week.
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in the meantime, temperatures today, high temperatures not significantly high. we are topping out in the 70s for the south bay. near the 70s in the east bay as well. around the bay, 68, near 70 for oakland and temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s far up north. the extended forecast shows that we do have a warm up as we move through the work week so we've got clouds today, sunshine monday, tuesday, wednesday,. >> this weekend, the presidential candidates are crisscrossing the country making final arguments as they try to swing the battleground states in their favor. [technical difficulties] shows hillary clinton just below the electoral threshold and trump is gaining traction.
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>> i asked melissa [inaudible] okay, for us on the west coast, what states should we be looking for? >> florida and new hampshire which is suddenly in play and look at pennsylvania. those will tell the story. for those who think that the democrats still have a chance at retaking the congress, nancy pelosi says if they net ten seats on the east coast, there's a chance. >> talk about florida, pennsylvania, new hampshire, what's at play there? >> of course, one of the important things about florida that we have in common is they have early voting. they have absentee ballots so it makes it more difficult if it's a close race to know the night of and to know early on exactly what the results are so we may be waiting until the next day or at least late what night to get the -- that night to get the final results. >> hillary clinton is under fbi
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again. >> anthony weiner is now starring in a trump ad against clinton. this just broke. when you've got him in the ad in the last closing days, its dark. >> there was this idea that towards the end that clinton's camp was intending to go positive and they wanted to end on the high note and then this new email thing comes out and they find themselves staying in the trenches, staying down there and just scrapping it out until the very end. >> the closing argument is i'm better than this person or i'm not as bad as this person. >> the issue on the ballots is it could go one of two ways. either depressed turnout and for that reason, a whole slate of supporters or it could actually be good because people could hold their nose and vote for one person. >> another positive. >> right, i know. say okay, i'm going to vote for trump but i'm going to make sure there's some democrats in the senate to stop
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him or vice versa with clinton. its not clear which [ overlapping speakers ] >> i think voters will need therapy after this. >> yes. >> national therapy. >> a couple of weeks ago when clinton was high in the polls, they were looking at taking the senate by a big time, now, in new hampshire and pennsylvania, those down ballot races may be in serious trouble. >> for those that have to sleep and get up the next day, if, for example, florida is up in the air which it has been in the past, pennsylvania goes back and forth and new hampshire is undecided, how long does the night go? >> it could go, i mean we saw in the 2000, i mean, in certain states like florida, if the count is within a certain margin, there's an automatic recount. we know january 9th is the last day for the person to be certified president. it could go up to that. >> now that is a positive thought. >> all right, so as we near
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that final night, are you feeling stressed out? if so, you're not the only one suffering from election stress disorder. a survey for the american psychological association reported more than half of adults felt the election was causing them significant stress and 55% of democrats, 59% of republicans said the election is a significant source of stress and this was before the growing ugliness of recent weeks. be sure to tune in tuesday for a complete coverage of the election. >> next, pushing for a touchdown. the campaign effort happening at today's raiders game as fans poshest get the team to -- push to get the team to stay in oakland. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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[snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. the broncos in oakland. broncos in oakland. but not all of the focus will be on the field. "stay in oakland" is planning to pass out 10-thousa to . today the raiders host the bronco in oakland but not all of the focus will be on the field. stay in oakland is planning to pass out 10,000 signs calling for the team to stay put. the group raised money for a sign that will read las vegas, if you build it, we will not
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come. just last month, the senate approved a bill pledging $750 million in public funding toward a new stadium. twenty-four of the 32 nfl owners must approve the relocation. now on to our sunday sports. reporter: good morning everybody. did you set your clocks back? did you hear about last night? manny pacquiao, he won a unanimous decision last night. congratulations to him. now, on to nfl sunday. saints, niners, 1:00, raiders under the lights against the denver broncos. i've got more from last night. what a show from pittsburgh crosby. stanley cup rematch. here comes crosby, agrees give.
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5-nothing, -- aggressive, 5- nothing final. the raider, later on tonight, he checked him out against oregon state yesterday. bryce love went right through the oregon state defense and he gone. 56-yard touchdown. fast forward to the third, season high 199-yard for christian as stanford beat oregon state to raise the record to 6-3. did you notice you didn't see any moving pictures of cal and washington? i just couldn't bear to give you that final score. but i know a couple of sunday morning anchors that will deliver that for you. i'll see you later. phones ringi . >> we know that was hard for him, right? >> the final score, stanford 26, oregon state 15. >> coming up after the break, phones ringing off the hook with
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political calls. are you sick of it. we have the secret to getting rid of robocalls and political flyers in your mailbox. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
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the mae gave her top executive managed aa huge pay raiseet, and a lavish car allowance, run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly. they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer while doing more for kids. tim grayson for assembly.
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i'm maria medina. "some polticans are bought and paid fore." . welcome back. the time is 8:00. good morning. >> some politicians are bought and paid for. >> the congressional show down
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has played out. now the two candidates make a final pitch to voters right here. still ahead, congressman mike honda joins us in studio. >> and both presidential candidates are counting on bay area volunteers to help get them elected in other states this week. we'll take you inside the donald trump and hillary clinton head quarters. >> plus, looking at getting rid of the state gas tax. instead, you could soon be paying a fee for the number of miles you drive. first, we're going to start with julie. reporter: a lot of folks waking up this morning, a little driesing outside. certainly -- drizzle outside. certainly a little fog. >> always in the north. >> right, always in the north bay. for the rest of us, you may still need windshield wipers. you can see no significant rain fall but over the golden gate bridge, dense fog, reduced visibilities there. temperature wise, we are in the upper 50s to low
8:02 am
60s throughout the bay area this morning and we will see a little more sunshine as we make our way throughout the day. game forecast for the nineers game, partly cloudy in the south bay. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> and now on to politics and the count down is on. last night on the campaign trail, two very different scenes. donald trump rushed off the stage in reno, nevada after someone yelled gun as a protester approached the stage. meanwhile, hillary clinton took the stage with pop star katy perry. >> excited about this election because i really think we're going to send a message from coast to coast, east to west, north to south about who we are as a country. >> we didn't bring any so- called stars along. we didn't need them.
8:03 am
reporter: and today, both candidates will make stops in several states trying to sway key voters in those battleground states. already, nearly 40 million votes have been cast. >> here in golden state. the u.s. senate race is slip ago way from congresswoman loretta sanchez. right now, harris is the solid front runner in the historic democrat versus democrat senate contest. 48% of likely voters support harris compared with 31% who back sanchez. the gap between the pair has widened since september. >> there's lots of ammunition coming from both sides sides. in the latest gun control debate, the new prop. this [inaudible] requires individuals to get a 4-year permit before they can buy am yaw in addition and
8:04 am
it would increase the [inaudible] for those possessing large capacity magazines. >> it could increase costs into millions of dollars depending on how it was implemented. those costs could generally be offset by fees authorized by the measure. >> those against proposition 63 say it would burden law abiding citizens who own firearms legally and waste public resources and that the money would already be take ago way from a system that's overburdened in the court system. meanwhile, a new poll shows the gun control initiative is getting strong support from voters. >> that prop is supported by 58% of voters. robocalls are ramping up in the final days. some legal, some not. >> all of them annoying. julie takes a breakdown on the rules. >> we just want to know if
8:05 am
you're going be voting for hillary. reporter: for the national candidates to the local polls. complaints to the federal trade commission through the robocall blocking app increased by 20%. >> i would say that the spike is greater than it has been in the past. >> the do not call list does not protect you from political calls, but there are some rules and protections that vary. >> it's very important to recognize the difference. reporter: for cellphones, all robocalls are illegal unless you've give tennessee calling -- given the party consent. >> if i have a robo dialer with people standing by to take the call when someone
8:06 am
answers, then that's still a robocall. >> they can robocall your land line. >> but we've discovered there is a way to stop the calls all together. according to a study, all you have to do is vote. >> now, next season's equals to be clear, you have to vote early and at this point, its too late. the company confirms, once you send in your absentee ballot, you vote early, they take your name off the list. they say the list is updated daily so if you personally drop it off, you could be taken off those lists within two to three days. obviously, we are only a couple of days away from the election but keep that in mind for next year. if you choose to vote early, you won't get all of those political calls. >> you mean i won't get a call from president obama or governor brown or others saying hello. >> no, you won't get those calls.
8:07 am
for you, you're out there speaking to these guys all the time, do you think it turns people off when they're getting these calls? >> the robocalls are annoying because they just come in. the texting is new and that's interesting because they're texting you automatically and people are in attune to getting the text and if you text back with a question, they'll text back with an answer. >> but they're charging you too, if you have a limited amount of data, then this could cost you money. >> i'm shocked, this is going cost us money, i'm shocked. >> still ahead, our coverage continues with one of the most watched races. ro khanna was just in studio, now we'll speak with mike honda. >> within the [inaudible] plastic bags because all restaurants and stores in over a dozen cities will stop handing
8:08 am
them out this after the authority voted to expand the ban on plastic bags. >> starting today, travelers are take direct flights to either salt lake city or the nation's capitol. southwest airlines is offering the flights, believe it or not, washington d.c. was the second most requested domestic destination, not for vacations but based on a recent survey. >> cal trans is looking at a new alternative to help pay for our roads. >> the department wants to charge drivers for every mile they drive rather than the gas they use. the gas tax is used to fix and maintain streets but with more electronic and fuel efficient cars on the road, they are bringing in less money so in july, they started a program that tracks driver's mileage. >> every day, we see what the problem is and we're frustrated that there
8:09 am
isn't more being done. i think this is a way in which driver can say do their fair share. >> after the program wraps up many march, they will send the findings to the state legislature where we can start the debate on whether we should be charged by the gallon or the mile. >> the show down in silicon valley is almost over. the show down has been one of the most watched this election and coming up after the break, we go one-on-one with honda. ,, want a great way to help our children thrive?
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then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55. it's time to vote yes
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one of the bay area's hottest congressional races.. is continuing to heat up. . with just two days to go until election day, one of the bay area's hottest congressional races is continuing to heat up. congressman mike honda and challenger ro khanna are competing for the seat. >> around too long, his record an embarrassment. in 15 years, mike honda passed only one bill. >> some politicians are bought and paid for before ever stepping food in office. just look at ro khanna. reporter: heading into
8:13 am
tuesday's election, our most recent survey usa poll showed khanna has a razor thin lead over congressman honda but about a quarter of voters are undecided. >> this morning, both candidates are making their final pitch here. we had ro khanna in the last half hour, now congressman mike honda is here. good morning. >> morning, phil. >> i have known you for years. i followed you from your local office to the state assembly and now to washington. how does it feel to watch ads that portray you as old and only passing a bill that named a post office? >> well, naming a post office is a privilege and having your name on a bill doesn't necessarily mean you're getting anything. getting tired, yeah, i get tired.
8:14 am
i fly back and forth every week round trip, and my daughter says dad, that was you rubbing your face, but you know, its a good job and i love it. reporter: during your time, you have, although you haven't authored bills, what would you say your primary accomplishment has been? >> let's start with 2003 when i passed the, the nanotech act that provide grant moneys that without which, the research would have been very slow. recently, i was able to help get money to address the rape kits that have
8:15 am
been sitting on the shelfs. 500,000 rape kits sitting on the shelves means people are not getting justice. reporter: this is a race between democrats so probably nine out of ten times you're going to vote the same way. >> maybe. reporter: why do you say maybe? >> his record, as far as we know, when he talks about social security, he's gone between privatizing and modifying and i've always talked about strengthening social security. he says i would, i would, and i have. i have a record to show that i have [ overlapping speakers ] reporter: how much of this race do you think generational? >> for the voters, i don't think it's going be too much generational. i think he made it generational at the beginning saying i'm too old. i am older than he is.
8:16 am
put you know, age really reflects wisdom and experience. >> he's saying you're out of touch and not around. >> he's saying out of touch with technology and if you're talking about technology, i get a lot of support from the area of technology. technology is not just one area. its hardware, software, computers, it and all of those things so he uses a very general terminology as if to paint himself with one brush. reporter: he also says there is quote substantial reason to believe that representative honda inproperly tied [inaudible] to political support that you were using your office for political gain. >> i think that the proof will be in the final out come of our congressional ethics hearings and that's going to be done after the elections. what he's talking about is the information that was published and made public and if you read the articles
8:17 am
and everything, it's using words like alleged, may have, appeared to have. if there was any missteps, i think i've corrected them. i've made a very bright line between my official office, campaign office, made sure that there's no collaboration between the two offices and i think it's the strictest [ overlapping speakers ] >> final thing, what is the key difference between you and khanna for the next few years. what would you say would be the key reason to vote for you? >> i think what i say i will do. if i start a work, i will finish it. i don't think he's finished anything he's started and he says i've been doing this, this and this, he's appeared and never finished anything you have finished many terms, we'll see if this is the next one or the last one. thank you for joining us this morning and thank you for being on the campaign because people it is tough to go out there and do. this tune in on tuesday
8:18 am
for complete election coverage starting at 4:30 a.m. look at polling places opening and a break down on what's on the ballot. then at 5:00, we'll have an analysis on a state by state in the national races. right now, we can do something better. more predicting, our forecast today on something that matters, your sunday. >> something that matters, yes. i will say this, folks in the north bay may be waking up to drizzle, a little light rain. doppler not showing much activity because moss of this is lower -- most of this is lower level. certainly socked in with fog. it is that low fog creating the drizzle, especially on the coast and around the bay. we are in the upper 50s to low 60s around the bay area. visibility is reduced, especially along the coast.
8:19 am
we are going to see this fog for the first half of the day and then start to dissipate later today. the good news is though, we are going to see high pressure build in and that means sunshine and warmer temperatures heading into the work week. high temperatures right around average for this time of year. starting out gray for most with a little drizzle later today. temperatures in the south bay in the low to mid 70s for the warmest locations. a lot of folks going to see 60s today. places like pittsburgh near 60. around the bay, upper involve for most. up north, upper 60s to low 70s for you. a look at the travel forecast around the bay, we are in the low 60s for the sierra, and 67 in eureka today. high pressure builds in so fog and clouds
8:20 am
today, later this week, we see sunshine and then partly cloudy conditions towards the end of the week with our next slight chance of showers by friday. back to you. >> just in time for the weekend. water agencies want to know the impact after they spent money to encourage people to rip out their lawns. for about two years, water districts under pressure because of the drought have offered millions in rebates. now they're using before with and after satellite images to assess how much turf is gone. they're also trying to figure out if landscaping preampses have changed. >> come -- preferences have changed. >> coming up, a look inside donald trump and hillary clinton's campaign head quarters plus our political insiders weigh in on the differences between two. ,,,,,,
8:21 am
man: in cities big and small, newspapers all over say it's time. woman: time to legalize and regulate marijuana in california. man: time to "vote yes on prop 64." woman: it's "better for public health,
8:22 am
for law and order and for society." man: "it makes sense to regulate and tax" marijuana. woman: "prop 64 would bring discipline and oversight." man: "prop 64 is the first step toward a rational drug policy." woman: "it's time for a new approach." man: vote yes on 64. are making a final push to win over undecided voters. . with just two days until the election, donald trump and hillary clinton are making a
8:23 am
final push to win over undecided voters. supporters are working the phones at bay area call centers because clinton is leading here in the golden state, both sides are focusing on getting out their vote in other states. >> we have both been at these campaign head quarters and it's amazing to watch theme pose so we asked melissa -- these people so we with asked melissa to tell us what she saw. >> they're both beaming out to the rest of the country. the democrats as well as the republicans are not bothering california. >> so people in california are now being enlisted to make calls, texts, get in touch with voters across the country and bring them into the fold. how is it going? >> according to them, they're both doing fabulously. interestingly, the trump folks that i spoke with are focusing on colorado and north carolina. the clinton cam has a list of
8:24 am
-- camp has a list of 11 states they're focusing on. however it's working, the trump folks are more micro focused. having said that the clinton folks are actually calling people who are registered republicans and the trump folks are calling people who are registered democrats because there has been such a crossover. they're not locked into the voter rolls. >> you've been traveling the country, who has the better operations in some of these key states. >> in nevada, the unions are big there, especially culinary workers union so they're picking up workers, folks who work in the casinos, they'll pick them up, give them a box lunch, take them to the polls, they vote, they get them back to the bus and back to work. they have, that is a truly get
8:25 am
out the vote operation. physically getting people there. they have the unions working for them. the clinton campaign has been organizing there. the trump operation isn't so much. it's an air campaign. its a cult of personality campaign. its a media campaign and we'll see who wins. >> i'll tell you one of the things that was impressive that was happening at the clinton head quarters, they were doing mass texting and they send aigrette out the vote -- they send a get out the vote location and based on the geo location of the place they're texting, there is say link to the polling place and the deadline for registration to vote. that is quite impressive. >> it is, especially when they got the
8:26 am
text back going i finally voting, leigh me alone. >> they -- leave me alone. >> yeah, it hasn't been all positive but they said it's been mostly positive and they get in touch with a lot of people. >> as you prepare to cost your ballot, head to you'll find a list of polling locations and a breakdown of our ballot measures. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
. we are definitely starting with clouds, a little fog and drizzle this morning. here's the golden state bridge. if you're head -- gate bridge. if you're headed to the games today, 68 degrees for the niners game. for the raiders game, similar conditions, partly cloudy. >> thanks for joining us. >> face the nation is next. ,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs dickerson: today on "face the nation" it's down to the wire as campaign 2016 finally comes to a close. >> on this last weekend before election day the end can't come soon enough. the tension stays with us until the end. >> by the way,ñr folks, while we're at it -- >> dickerson: donald trump was rushed off the stage by the civil service in reno. >> nobody said it would be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. >> dickerson: and last minute dashes across theñi country to sewer up support in a flurry of final photo ops. last pleas for votes. >> i want to be the president for everybody. everybody who


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